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STAGE APP: Netflix of native languages now in Rajasthani

STAGE APP: Netflix of native languages now in Rajasthani
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Embedding the catchphrase “Company nahi, hum kranti hai” deeply within and taking the entertainment industry by storm, residents of Bhiwani Vinay Singhal, Praveen Singhal, and Shashank Singhal launched the “STAGE APP” in the year 2019 and brought a revolutionary change in the world of entertainment.

Stage App Boliyon ki Kranti

Realizing the rapid changes taking place in our country, watching it slowly embrace the western culture, and seeing it lose its fragrance and identity, Vinay, Praveen, and Shashank with the idea of sustaining the heritage of India and with prior experience in building viral content, founded STAGE a dialect-based over-the-top (OTT) platform that drives hyper-localized content.

Stage App Founders Vinay, Praveen, and Shashank

Entertainment in your language is no longer a dream because STAGE App is your Netflix of native languages. On the STAGE App, you get to watch content in Haryanvi and Rajasthani. STAGE App is filled with entertaining content such as movies, web series, music, stand-up comedy, poetries, and stories. It’s a free app that runs on a subscription model where you get to choose between three plans. The quarterly plan, the monthly plan, and the annual plan. The quarterly and monthly plan which is INR 199 and the annual plan which is INR 399.

Stage App Plans/Pricing

STAGE App has crafted marvelous content such as Digital tai, Lilu ri baatan, Pyaar swaad anusaar, Marwari tau ri funny baatan, etc. Their upcoming projects include Vakil sahiba, Pariksha, Motana, Dahleej, etc. STAGE has employed thousands of people. The artists seen performing in the content are also Rajasthani and Haryanvi.  

Sarpanch Rajasthani Web Series Poster

With over 1 lakh subscribers they plan to go deeper in Haryana and Rajasthan, create more original content, and grow and capture 10% of 25 million+ households watching video content in Haryana and Rajasthan by mid-2024. Their vision is to become India’s leading OTT platform for entertainment, connection & celebration of cultures for all dialect-speaking people in the country. 

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