New Cafe in Jodhpur Cafe Coffee Break – CCB Basni Detailed Review – A BREAK WE ALL NEED: ONE OF THE BEST CAFÉ OUTLETS IN JODHPUR

New Cafe in Jodhpur Cafe Coffee Break – CCB Basni Detailed Review – A BREAK WE ALL NEED: ONE OF THE BEST CAFÉ OUTLETS IN JODHPUR
Anushree Kalla

Are you looking for an option to explore your taste buds and sate your appetite? Are you entangled with the city buzz and want to have a refreshing break? Café Coffee Break is the response to your question. This Cafe is one of the finest and best café outlets in Jodhpur, running successfully for more than eight years!

Mr. Prem Singh, the owner and the founder of Café Coffee Break is a trained chef, and he has a grip of more than 16+ years in the Food and Beverage Industry. With his experienced mindset and engrossing hospitality skill, he started this venture in the blue city, Jodhpur.

LOCATION: Accessible and Appropriate

With its accessible location, it has surely secured an excellent position in the Food and Beverage market place. This Café outlet has two branches. The first branch is in Ratanda, and after its successful attempt and love among the local crowd of Jodhpurites, it established its second branch in the Basni area.

Location Coordinates/ Map : 187, District Shopping Center, Saraswati Nagar, Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342005

(This review is from the Basni region.)

CONVENIENCE: Comfort and Satisfactory Parking Space

This outlet is sited around the busy corners of Basni, and it is different because it gives you comfort and satisfaction with its appropriate parking space with no charges. One can park their vehicle in its semi-durable space, and then they can reach out to the café without any havoc.

AMBIENCE: Attractive and Applaudible

The most attractive thing about this café is its ambiance. Good hygiene and an odorless atmosphere are the key elements of any café or restaurant, and café coffee break wins the title for the same.

It would not be wrong to mention that it fulfills all the intents and purpose at first sight. By looking at the Covid-19 safety and precautionary measures, it carefully takes care of the surrounding with proper sanitation and hygiene.

The doors, the windows, counters, every table, and even basins are clean and sanitised. The exemplary view decorated with the flower pots gives a serene touch.

The free Wifi zone helps in establishing connectivity at ease. And the fun and play section covered with the board games and novels to read happily gratifies the title, “Café Coffee Break!”

STAFF AND SERVICE: Commendable and Hospitable

The captivating and the base of any café lounge is its staff and the service they show. Without any second thoughts, this café outlet has the most cordial and well-mannered staff. It breaks the stereotypical thinking by having female employees in both branches. This café is divided into two sections; one on the ground floor and the other is at the basement, which is sectioned in the form of a restaurant for diners.

With all the necessary precautionary masks and caps, the staff aces the cleanliness section. As soon as the customer sits on their respectable chairs, the hired hands are quick with the service. From serving menu cards to serving fresh and clean water bottles, they are hospitable with their actions. Not only limited to the basic cafés and restaurants needs, but the staff also looks out for their customers when there is the need for other elements, like forks and straws. They observe the small details, which are often overlooked.

With its classical physical menu sheet, it is surrounded by digital technology as well. It has a digitised menu system from which one can scan the menu from the given scan card on the table, choose their favourite food from the menu, and can place the order. The order is confirmed with the ring of the bell. It ensures the contactless approach and resolves the confusion between the staff and customers related to the delaying in the order. A big fat thumbs up to the digital menu card.

The service is commendable as the food is prepared under 15-20 minutes after the order is placed without compromising with the quality or the taste.

FOOD REVIEW: Food of Jodhpur team reviewed its best-served dishes.

The most specific and distinctive quality about this café is its in-house production of loaves of bread. They make their own bread and pizza bases for improved taste and better quality. From its impressive multi-cuisine menu, the Food of Jodhpur Team tried their hands with its few dishes.



It is one of the best seller and signature dish of this café with its pizza base. It was served in a clean wooden pizza peel with eight big slices and essential toppings of paneer (cottage cheese) and jalapenos. It was mouth-watering at its first glance, and one could sniff the freshly baked aroma. The pizza was a medium crust, and this texture was maintained till the last bite. It was flavourful and delicious in the taste. If you want to explore in-house food and tangy delightful pizza, then must pay a visit to this café outlet.


With its Italian plating, it seized its appearance game. This dish was served with 2 pieces of garlic bread along with the topping of broccoli. It looked magnificent on its arrival. When tasted, the sauce was a bit sour. They can work on the same part. But the rest of the flavours and spices were perfect!


The rolled appetizers were flavorsome. It was plated with the Schezwan sauce and salad.

It was a perfect combination of the sweet and spicy roll.


These drinks were neatly decorated in different shapes of glasses.

Drinks to beat the heat:

  • VIOLET KIMONO: This drink was special from their menu, and it was the feature of the day. The taste was subtle, and one could feel the fresh aroma of lemon ingrained it.
  • BLOOD ORANGE MID DREAM: It was a bit sour. Lemons were more squeezed, and it also did not win the appearance game.
  • MOUNTAIN BLUE: The drink looked exotic in its appearance, and its taste was sweet.
  • WATERMELON SLUSH: The drink was made with watermelons mixed with lemons and a pinch of sugar. It was sweet in taste.

These drinks can be a perfect match for Jodhpur’s heat in this scorching summers.


Undoubtedly, the scrumptious food with large sizes in the frame and different flavoured mocktails cost in the range of 800-1200/-.

Team Food of Jodhpur gives a rating of 4 stars.

Jodhpurites, if you are planning to have a family get together or a friends’ birthday party, or looking for a place to hang out with your closed pals, or wanted to explore your taste, then Café Coffee Break is the answer to your question.

Anushree Kalla

I believe that there is a story behind everything. Love to narrate stories in the form of blogs. I am happiest when I write.

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